Rock Property Management

Rock Property Management is a retail property management company, specialising in the management of surburban shopping centres in South East Queensland.

  • We only manage retail property.

  • We only employ senior experienced staff.

  • We don’t sell property, all we do is manage retail property, managing our clients’ property is our only focus. We don’t hand your property to junior staff waiting for the day you might wish to sell.

  • We have efficient, transparent communication; our clients can speak directly to the staff dealing with the issues on their property.

  • We are proactive, we monitor retailer’s sales and industry trends and know well in advance when a tenant is having, or likely to have problems. We formulate a plan of action before there is a major problem, either working with the tenant to improve performance or to assist with an exit strategy.

  • Leasing is one of the most important aspects of managing retail property, both from the obvious financial point of view and also for maintaining customer appeal of the centre. Paul Fleming, the Rock Property Management principal's primary activity day to day is leasing.